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Creating a discover image

Creating the image

  1. Open the Windows Deployment Services MMC snap-in.
  2. Select the Boot Images option.
  3. Right click on the image to be used as the basis of the discover image.
  4. Select Create Discover Image from the menu.
  5. Change the name and description of the image as required, and select the path for the WIM file to be created into. If option 67 isn't set on the DHCP server, the name of the WDS server must be specified.
  6. Click Next to create the image.

Creating bootable media with the image

  1. Download and install the relevant Windows ADK, specifically the Deployment Tools feature.
  2. Download and Install the Windows PE add-on from the same link.
  3. Launch the Deployment and Imaging Tools Environment
  4. Create the WinPE environment, substituting the architecture and  working directory as required
    copype amd64 x:\WinPE

  5. Replace the boot.wim with the discover WIM created above, substituting the WIM file path and working directory as required:
    copy /y x:\discover.wim x:\WinPE\media\sources\boot.wim

  6. To create a bootable USB flash drive, substituting the working directory and flash drive letter as required:
    makewinpemedia /ufd x:\WinPE y:

    or to create an ISO, substituting the working directory and ISO file path as required:

    makewinpemedia /iso x:\WinPE x:\discover.iso