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Setting up a new GAM project

Ensure that the OU containing the admin account has the 18+ age based label. (Account > Account settings > Age based access settings)
Ensure that Google Cloud Platform is enabled for the relevant OU (Apps > Additional Google services)
On the Google Cloud Platform settings page, check the 'Allow users to create projects' box.
Ensure that additional services without individual control is enabled for the relevant OU (Apps > Additional Google services > Access to additional services without individual control)

  1. Download and install GAM from Github.
  2. Run the command
    gam create project
  3. Enter the email address of an admin user.
  4. Open the provided URL if it doesn't automatically launch and login with an admin account.
  5. Allow GAM Project Creation access to the Google account.
  6. Once GAM has enabled the required APIs, access the provided URL for the API credentials screen
  7. Select Application type 'Desktop app', enter a name and click the create button.
  8. Paste the generated client ID and secret into GAM
  9. In the Google Workspace admin console, navigate to Security > API Controls > App Access Control.
  10. Click on Add app > OAuth App Name or Client ID.
  11. Paste the client ID into the text box and click search.
  12. Select the App name provided in step 7.
  13. Check the client ID and select the relevant scope.
  14. Select Trusted, click continue and then finish.
  15. Confirm parental consent if prompted.
  16. Return to the GAM window and hit enter.